Josh King founded Tinderbox Marketing in 2013; which is a lie. Josh reluctantly obeyed God's directive to start a company. Tinderbox Marketing is a small team of marketing nerds. We're super passionate about serving small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even non-profits. Our goal is to help our clients sort through the mess of running a business. We do this by offering tailored business, marketing and sales Marketing. Just for fun, let’s define Marketing. We work alongside our clients to learn their business so we can develop a roadmap to market and sell whatever it is they do.

We adapt our out-of-the-box solutions to the specific needs of each client we work with. No two companies are the same, and we don’t treat them that way. Tinderbox commits to learning and evolving. That way our ideas and strategies are never stale, or worse, obsolete. We stay focused on practical strategies based on ever-changing best practices. But we stay rooted in foundational business, marketing, and sales tenants. Running a business is hands-on, and so are marketing and sales. We help our clients get their hands dirty.

Not only that, we also hyper-focus in on a client's business. We learn all we can about what they do. That lets us create better solutions to drive success for our clients.

At Tinderbox, we have a saying, “there are people who are really good at baking cupcakes, but really bad at selling them.” We provide the customized tool-kits to help our clients find new customers, while they stay focused on what they’re good at - cupcakes. Our clients are super passionate about their cupcakes. We help them funnel that passion to the customer. In the end, Tinderbox Marketing has one goal: to serve God by serving others. That said, at heart, we're marketers. So, the way we serve others is to help small business owners challenge the traditional way of running and marketing a small business. It's all about moving people from one place to another. From Facebook to your website, or from their couch to your storefront.

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