Spokane, Washington.  Billie Moreland, Ph.D., of Billie Moreland and Associates was given an Award of Honor by Sirti at their October Board Meeting.  The award was “in special recognition of her efforts and vision for the Terabyte Triangle and its positive impact on the Spokane community.”  Moreland is a member of Spokane SCORE, Chapter 180.
“I am delighted to receive this award and especially happy to know that my last 15 years’ work with Sirti and the technology sector in downtown Spokane has been valuable,” says Moreland.  “Nurturing and facilitating the growth of small technology start-ups has been especially rewarding.  Being able to chronicle small and large companies for the last ten years has been my pleasure as well as my work.”
There have been many highlights in the work leading to this award.  Highlights include: 

  • Facilitating Spokane’s nomination for, and being named as, one of seven “Intelligent Communities” by the World Teleport Association
  • Contributing to the All America City Award for Spokane, 2004
  • Ten years of technology-based newsletters and Web publication
  • Contributing to the real estate community to establish 150 technology companies in downtown Spokane.
  • Contributing to community education to facilitate high-speed, optical fiber connectivity availability in most downtown buildings.
  • Assisting with VPnet, a private collaborative broadband network that connects Inland Northwest higher education institutions with each other as well as with other educational-based organizations, healthcare organizations, research organizations, and corporate partners.
  • Assisting with the Northwest GigaPop, a not-for-profit serving leading-edge organizations and Research and Education networks throughout the Pacific Rim to provide robust, highest-speed access to the current state-of-the-art Internet; Next Generation Internet services and technology; and the exclusive R&D testbeds where tomorrow’s Internet technologies are being developed. The PNW Gigapop is built to be the highest caliber Research and Education networking services hub in the world.
  • Nurturing and chronicling technology businesses as they grow from startups to success
    About Sirti.  Sirti accelerates Inland Northwest technology-based companies toward success and positive regional economic impact. We deliver entrepreneurial coaching, a mix of no- or low-cost business services, access to capital, and the legal services needed for successful formation, IP protection, and long-term growth.