What do you do? 

This letter is to thank the SCORE program and in particular Ron Barkley, for the tremendous assistance we received as an organization, to obtain an SBA 7a loan for $570,000. Lake City Counseling Center LLC is a counseling agency that works to help people in our community with varying needs.

Our goal was to expand from our single office building into 2 locations. One in Hayden, ID, and another in Post Falls, ID. I worked very diligently trying to obtain a 7a loan, however, I failed to provide complete and acceptable documentation that the SBA was required via the lender. I contacted multiple lenders and requested guidance in the application process, all of which told me “We don’t do that”. Then I learned of the SCORE program and meet Ron Barkley. I soaked up Ron’s knowledge like a sponge. He was, and is, so kind. He helped me to clean up what I had and walked me through the various documentation and reports to be presented to the bank in an acceptable format. Ron would call me regularly to check on the process of our loan after it was submitted. I felt as though I had a knowledgeable partner/friend in my corner, wanting me to succeed, and carrying me when I failed. This process began in Nov. 2020, by the 2nd week in April 2021, we closed on the 2nd location in Post Falls, ID. We began renovations on the property on the first day of ownership and personally worked every day for the next 3 months with my wife, and contractors, to complete the project around the middle of June 2021. Our doors are now open, providing services, & employment for this community.

We would not have been able to accomplish this goal without assistance from Ron and the Score program. My very deepest appreciation goes out to Ron, and others like him within the SCORE program, who give back to those with drive, and who lack direction and or experience.

Thank you,

Ben Tuttle

Lake City Counseling Center LLC