Imagine hearts of dark chocolate dancing gracefully among the bubbles of your champagne! Dancing Chocolate is simply mesmerizing!

Conceived in the spring of 2013 on a deck in California while drinking champagne and eating chocolate, Dancing Chocolate is an online chocolatier based in Pullman. It is owned by three “finely aged” Chocolate Divas who have taken years to perfect the recipes for dark, fair trade chocolate shapes that blend perfectly with any champagne. Each of these delicious chocolates will dance in your glass of champagne for over forty-five minutes. In every one of our extensive tests (volunteers have been easy to come by!), they have never failed to amaze and delight guests and keep the party going.

And to extend that party feeling, they have created 5 flavors of Spuffles, and Dancing Chocolate truffles on a spoon, including champagne, their signature flavor. After all, who wouldn’t want to be spoon-fed chocolate?


(LEGACY -- DO NOT USE) My Challenges 

What we learned may help other SCORE clients.  Washington Department of Agriculture is where you have to go to get a wholesaler's license. A wholesaler's license gives you the ability to sell your goods wholesale to other stores, wineries, etc for them to mark up and sell themselves.

 If you want to sell a product that contains alcohol Washington State limits it to 1% unless you go through the Liquor Control Board.  So Spuffles must be tested before they can be licensed. It took contacting 5 different testing labs to find one that can test for alcohol in a solid. That lab is located in Portland.  It costs $120 each for testing.

 The woman at the WA Dept of Ag has been a doll and will license the Dancing Chocolate, which has no alcohol, right now. This is good since I have numerous outlets and wineries that want to carry it. That will provide a revenue stream to pay for the testing of the Spuffles.

What's great about my mentor? 

Mentor, Max Mohan 

Dancing Chocolates