Emerge from the recession Strong


Zoom Meeting: Tuesday June 9, 2020

 9:00 to 11:00 AM

Fee $25.00


Frank Girardi and Cheri Kuhn deliver engaging and actionable content that's tailor-made for busy leaders. This event will energize entrepreneurs who are driven to improve their business and the quality of their lives. Participants in this hands-on workshop will walk away with a set of simple practical tools to power up their business so they emerge from the recession strong!  

  • Learn how to get the entire organization to have the same Vision
  • Find and retain staff with the best and right people so you emerge from the recession stronger with power
  • Use metrics to manage your business
  • Develop standard procedures to operate your business
  • Learn the two most important tools that result in failure in small business. Holding yourself and the organization accountable and failing in executing to meet the Vision.

There will be a workbook provided to all participants. 

Frank Girardi admits to this being his 5th recession.  He had a 20 year career in the chemical industry culminating with a 6 year period as part of the management team that grew a division from 0 to $45MM.  He leveraged that experience launching his entrepreneurial journey with the purchase of a metal fabricating company that employed 100 people when he exited.  During this time he was also involved with 2 business turnarounds and 2 startups.   December 2015 he joined a gun storage company as COO in need of a turnaround within in a year it was $3MM and profitable. In late 2017 he implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) into the business, witnessing the power of it.

He recently located to Coeur d’Alene   got trained and certified as a professional trained EOS Implementer with the goal of building a EOS practice in the Inland Northwest. 

Cheri Kuhn is passionate about helping business owners and leaders get what they want from their businesses. Cheri began her career as a teacher, but quickly discovered she had a knack and passion for business. She created a commercial Real Estate business before taking on the operations role for a local hockey team. Her passion for business eventually landed her in the CEO seat of an e-commerce business, growing that business from 5 to 28 employees in 21/2 years.  About 5 years ago she discovered and implemented EOS. This was a game-changer for the business and allowed the owner to retire and Cheri to transition out to be a full-time Professional EOS Implementer™, combining her passions for business and teaching.